Welcome To MacMannis.com

Welcome to my personal portfolio website for demonstrating and showcasing my technical skill sets! You can find my resume, my portfolio of work to date and live demo scripts I have created over the years. Some of the many languages and flavors I enjoy developing and designing with include:

 » PHP4 and PHP5
 » HTML 4.1, HTML5 and XHTML 1.0
 » CSS1, CSS2 and CSS3
 » JS and jQuery

I have taken great care to ensure that my sites meet and exceed client expectations in functionality, design, upkeep simplicity and overall quality. I use standards compliant HTML and CSS markup to ensure each page renders properly for every browser and delivers the optimum user experience every visit. I use the strong combination of PHP5 and MySQL to create powerful and reliable frameworks that each of my sites runs on.

I enjoy programming and take great pride in every new project I do, no matter the size. I hope you will enjoy browsing my sites as much as I enjoyed creating them! Please feel free to contact me via the contacts page to make suggests, comments or note errors.

Have Fun!